To begin, let’s define API in bite size knowledge so that It’s not this big or ‘elephant ‘ this so hard to swallow.  For starters,  we must understand that API is a software to software interface.  A lot of people think that it has to do with some user interface of sort… However, that couldn’t be more far from the truth.  Most people don’t realize that api is being utilized in most of the websites we visit. Let’s take for example eBay.  eBay shares it’s API so that developers can create programs where their items that are listed on ebay could be see or purchased through private websites. Again, it’s a way for web based software application to communicate with the program instructions and standards.

If funny how we as consumer see a simple website, but what goes behind it and how it is power would blow your mind.  I mean think about a simple example by the movie ticket guys like We as consumer see a webpage where we put in our information and a split second later we get a ‘movie’ ticket.  However, if you dive deep into what goes behind it, here is what you’ll see.  The customer information is inputted and that information goes to a remote application where thru various methods will verify the validity of the information (API). Once it is verified and the payment for the movie ticket is correct, it will push that information back(API) and print out the ticket.  All this happens in a split of a second…WOW! Ok maybe I’m a tech geek or something, but I get amazed at how things like this could power our world.

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